Luvin’ that Magazine

“True, Texas” is the cover story for this month’s issue of Texas Highways Magazine (September, 2011). For years, we have pointed our hearts toward the destinations the writers in this magazine tell of. They’ve been our inspiration for travel and dining and just plain Texas pride for many years. With regard to the cover story they write, “We searched the state to select this year’s slate of true Texas icons. All the elements in our mythical town resonate with Texans everywhere.”

I especially enjoyed the story about the “Bakery Cafe” in Aransas Pass (no website or Facebook page at this time). The timing of this article is perfect. Summer is almost over — at least in relation to school starting. Touristy Texas will calm down a little and we’ll hit the road. One of our stops will now be the Bakery Cafe because the description of their diverse and delicious menu. In the meantime, we’ll try our best to avoid thinking of the hand-breaded chicken fried steaks or hand-patted burgers. If imaginations of their steaks, seafood or Mexican food start forming in our minds, we’ll just shut out the torture pack up the car, and do some first-hand sampling ourselves.

Why not check them out?

The Bakery Cafe in Aransas Pass

434 South Commercial Street
Aransas Pass, TX 78336-1808


Will This be Your First, First Friday?

What’s First Friday? Think  FUN, FOOD, FRIENDLY and FABULOUS.  The first Friday of the month is a Southtown fav for area foodies who want to spark up their night life with extra food choices, events, people and traffic. Okay, the traffic doesn’t sound too exciting, but it comes with the package.

Map of SouthTown - south of downtown San Antonio

Granted, First Friday’s original focus was art exhibits in the area, but our focus  is FOOD and many San Antonio Southtown restaurants participate in First Friday. Why not??

Knowing Frank’s Hog Stand has a unique venue, as the world’s first ride-in restaurant, we decided to check in with them to see what they have going on. Naturally, they’ll have live music starting at about 7:30, featuring Bear Fax. This is a big biker night, too, so you weekend bikers can cruise on over and compare your wheels.

Not a biker? No prob. Believe it or not this is a family friendly spot with yummy food in hearty portions. In fact, they’re offering up Blue Bell ice cream cones for 50 cents each this summer. Naturally, I had to sample a strawberry cone, just to be sure I could recommend it with authority. 

New manager, Samantha Solis, is making things happen over there. Even in the middle of a weekday afternoon, guests were pouring in — a good testimony about any restaurant. The always friendly staff surely has something to do with that, though the continuously playing ’50’s music adds to the fun.

While there, Samantha and I set up some great new $5 Deals for the next few months. Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook to snatch up these bargains each day.

Frank’s is already offering incredible weekday lunch deals for $6.99. Any weekday, you can order up a shrimp poorboy, mushroom-swiss burger, country fried steak, two hot dogs, chicken fajita salad and more. All come with a side and a drink! I assure you, you won’t leave hungry.

New Manager, Samantha Solis

Can you picture yourself there yet? Good food. Good fun. Good location. Friendly folks.

And, if you’re ready for your first, First Friday, Frank’s Hog Stand is worth the trip. More pics of their “First Friday” events can be found in their Facebook photos.

Other Southtown restaurants include MadHatter’s Tea House and Cafe and Taco Haven Mexican Restaurant.

Happy Dining!

Cyndy Bartelli

Tilapia Dinner w/ Homemade Cole Slaw

The Revival of a South Town Diner

Frank Arevalo at Frank's Hog Stand

When area businessman, Frank Arevalo, decided to “reincarnate” the historic Pig Stand on South Presa, his inspiration came from a connection between the Pig Stand and creating a local dining destination for “Hogs”. Hence, the new Frank’s Hog Stand. For those unfamiliar with the label, a Hog is a nickname for a motorcyclist — particularly a Harley Davidson biker.

Awesome Shakes & Splits

Another underlying motivation for Frank’s new venture may stem from fond childhood memories of creatively earning change for his next Pig Stand milkshake. These efforts for his beloved milkshakes may have birthed the entrepreneurial spirit in him and ultimately resulted in the revival of this great shake and malt diner!

Bring your bicycle or motorcycle

The new Hog friendly eatery is the perfect spot for South Town motorcyclists and bicyclists to pull up to one of the cozy outdoor tables (designed specifically for bikers of all kinds) and order up one of those famous shakes from the past.

The original Pig Stand, noted as the World’s First Drive In, has the new tag of World’s First Ride In. Its appeal to recreational bikers extends to families and area business people as well. After all, who can pass up a Hog Heaven Appetizer Platter or a Heavy Throttle One Pound Burger?

One pound Angus burger

We had the privilege of sampling a number of items while shooting photos for the $5 Dining website. Known for their burgers, shakes and banana splits (all awesome) I’ll throw in my vote for the pork chop dinner,

Pork Chop Dinner

too! This two chop plate has crunchily crusted chops with sautéed onions and mushrooms crowning the feast. The mashed potatoes had a few little lumps for authenticity. Mmm. Since it’s all made fresh to order, be sure to count on a few extra minutes preparation time.

First Fridays are especially eventful at the Hog Stand and, thanks to its proximity to downtown S.A., there are plenty of special events in the works for the future! We’ll be tweeting the news as it happens!

With manager, Jerry Torres (of  the Taco Haven Torres family), visitors can count on good service and an efficiently run operation. Be sure to let Jerry know about your experience and give him a “hello” on your next visit. 

6 yr old Ella

“I thought the chicken tender kid’s meal with curly fries, was really good. The chicken was crunchy. I like that. The curly fries were awesome and really curly. They were a little spicy, so if kids don’t want spicy they can order regular fries.  They gave me a shake, too. I thought I was going to faint cuz it was so good!”         Ella


Excited about shake