Food Truck Throw Down This Weekend

Food Truck Foodies unite!  It’s a “Food Truck Throw Down” this Friday through Sunday in San Antonio  (July 29th – 31st) at  Boardwalk on Bulverde (preferred haunt of the Rickshaw Stop)!   All food is affordable and the entertainment won’t stop. We hear that 28 food trucks from all over the state will be there with cuisines as varied as the towns in Texas.

Here are a few of the regular food trucks at Boardwalk on Bulverde.

K-Hill BBQ

Rickshaw Stop

KC’s Cones

Watch for the Duk Truck (random rotating cuisine), Guilty Pleasures (comfort food) and Tapa Tapa (small plates, but especially fresh fruit with pop rocks) along with many others.

If you fall in love with Boardwalk on Bulverde, return for “family-friendly fun,” on Kid’s Movie Night each Thursday this summer. Friday and Saturday evenings include a DJ who brings the kids in on the musical fun, too.

To Boardwalk on Bulverde

(click on map for full view)

*We recommend: 1) Evenings in the summer month, and 2) Sample a little of everything!



Over 20 Cuisines in One Place

You say it can’t  be done? Visit the Texas Folklife Festival on June 10 – 12 in San Antonio and you’ll be able to sample over 20 cuisines from around the world! Add to the more familiar options like Italian and Mexican —  Greek,  German, Lebanese, Belgian, Irish, Nigerian, Salvadoran and many more.

The great thing is, you can enjoy plenty of these diverse menu offerings for $5 or less! Here’s the official online menu that has been posted. Check out those Belgian Au vin blanc mussels, or the Lebanese Falafel Sandwich, or the Salvadoran Pupusa. My heart started perking at the thought of Bratwurst on a Bun w/Sauerkraut. (I love clinging to my German heritage!)

Granted you have to pay an entrance fee (Adults $10 in advance, Children $5 or free if under 6 yrs), but the venue and offerings make it all worthwhile.

The Festival’s 6 stages, located throughout the grounds, feature all types of ethnic and cultural entertainment.   Be on the look out for roving performers on the grounds like the South Texas Gunslingers and the San Antonio Pipes & Drums.

So, grab your friends and family and head out for a fun weekend. What better city to celebrate your heritage (and everyone elses’) than San Antonio?

Their 40′ Pit Makes the Magic Happen

I just spent the good part of an afternoon with Tanya Ollerbidez, at The Smokehouse in San Antonio.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself to be sure that I’m not dreaming about this awesome job I have. Could it be considered “work” when I sit and chat with restaurant owners for a while, sample their great food and then have the privilege of telling their stories to all of you? This ain’t bad!

Tanya Ollerbidez

The meteoric success of this little smokehouse is definitely a story worth telling. In 2004, Tanya’s enterprising father heard of the availability of this BBQ location and grabbed the opportunity — provided Tanya was available to bring her extensive restaurant experience to  manage it. Within four short years (with long work days), The Smokehouse was noted by Texas Monthly Magazine as one of the “Top 50 BBQ Joints in Texas”. By that time, they’d also received numerous other accolades including, “The Critics Choice Award for Top BBQ” and “Best BBQ” by San Antonio Magazine.

40' Indoor Pit

Tanya says the secret lies in that 40′ indoor pit you’ll see when you place your order. Larry James (a 40 yr smokin’ veteran), rubs their meats with a special mix that only they know about and then smoke each piece for 24 hours in Mesquite. The result — BBQ magic.

Their extensive menu includes the traditional chicken, short ribs, spare ribs, turkey breast, sausage and brisket. However, they also smoke huge turkey legs and lamb ribs daily. Everything I tasted was great. The rib meat fell off the bone, the smoked turkey leg was awesome and the chopped burger (brisket) was a sauce lover’s fantasy come true. However, I woke up this morning thinking one word — BRISKET!!!

Brisket & Pork Ribs $8.30

I’m talking about pure undefiled sliced BRISKET.  Do I dare say it? Don’t even put the sauce on it ’til you’ve taken your first bite. The secret rub and the mesquite flavor are outstanding on their own. Cast your sauce vote after savoring a bite or two.

All sides are made fresh every day and I’m throwin’ in my hat for the Spanish rice. LOVE IT.

Conveniently located near the AT & T Center, once you’ve discovered The Smokehouse you’ll want to pop on by before a SPURS game or on your way to the next big event.

Irresistible Assortment

The County Line Just Keeps on Giving!

The legendary County Line restaurant on I-10 has been a favorite for locals and tourists alike for over 20 years. The image of their family style platters heaped high with BBQ and all the fixin’s, compels me to grab the car keys, gather up the family, and head over for dinner.  

There’s no doubt that the County Line is hugely successful, but the company passes on their blessings in a variety of ways. The most notable is their free live music concert every Wednesday night. These concerts, held from 6:30 to 10:00 p.m., are designed to support the San Antonio Food Bank. All who attend are merely requested to bring a non-perishable food item or cash donation as their “admission fee”.  This page on their website, will provide the current concert schedule. Just click on the “Music Series” box for more.

We’re proud to list them as the sponsor of our Dad’s Day $50 dinner giveaway, too. $5Dining asked readers of our newsletter to participate in a recent survey. All contributors’ names were entered for the drawing for the feast at the County Line.

These folks know how to serve up Bar-B-Q the right way, with everything made fresh daily in-house.  If you haven’t been to the County Line yet, we assure you that the experience will be memorable. Oh, and don’t forget to top off your meal with some of their homemade ice cream!

Let’s Rodeo!

If you haven’t been to the San Antonio Rodeo and Stock Show, you’ve still got time to get down there and have some fun! The rodeo lasts through the 21 of February (that’s this Sunday). Tickets to the Rodeo itself cost $10-$25 and include admission to the rodeo, a concert, and the grounds. You usually can’t buy a concert ticket for just $10, much less a ticket to a concert, a rodeo, and a fair. That’s a whole day of entertainment fun.

If that’s a little too much for your pocketbook, you can get into the grounds for just $7 adults and $3 for children. There’s a carnival, the livestock, and plenty of interesting booths and shops. Gates open at 8am every day, and the Family Fair starts at 10am. Find more information on the rodeo’s website:

All that for just $4.79?

Delicious BBQ

All of that excitement is bound to get you hungry, and we all know that food at a fair is expensive. So why not head over to the Smokehouse for a chopped burger plate, just $4.79? You get the chopped beef burger (real smoked meat) and a choice of two sides. Speaking from experience, the cole slaw and potato salad are both good choices. Don’t forget to mention $5 Dining. You can spend all day at the rodeo and fair, end with a concert, and eat a delicious BBQ dinner for just $12-$15 a person. Now that’s a fun day on the cheap!

Happy Dining!

$5 Dining

Snoga’s – A Blast from the Past


Snoga’s is a family owned and operated business founded by Alvin and Bernice Snoga in the late 1970’s, and currently all nine of the Snoga children are still involved in the business. Though the building and décor are quiet and unassuming, you’ll feel a sense of nostalgia reminding you of barbeque stops you and your family may have made in the past as you walk in the front door. All the delicious meats are cooked on site under the experienced supervision of Gary. They are smoked with Mesquite wood to give it that “Texas Smokey” flavor . The wide selection of sides (made fresh every day) include old favorites like potato salad, macaroni salad, pinto beans, corn, mashed potatoes, numerous vegetable salads, and a few unique sides on specific days. Come to Snoga’s and enjoy the home-made chocolate fudge and vanilla cakes also made fresh daily. Take a peek at the menu for all your meat and side serving selections and more fantastic pricing!

Check out The Smokehouse & eat some great BBQ for $5!


The Smokehouse serves B.B.Q. off a 40ft indoor pit. We cook with only 100% mesquite wood and it is prepared with a dry rub and slowly cooked on the pit. The unique quality of The Smokehouse is you get to witness your B.B.Q. come straight off the pit and sliced right in front of you. Our menu consists of brisket, chicken, sausage, pork ribs, beef finger ribs, beef short ribs, lamb ribs, sliced pork, turkey breast, and turkey legs. This has helped The Smokehouse win numerous awards and be known as the place “Where real B.B.Q. is smoked.”

Not only do we cook our meat, but did you now that we can cook your meat? Yes, it’s true. Bring us your meat for your birthday party, graduation, or wedding and we will do the cooking for you!

Check ’em out on the site!