My entrepreneurial experience began when I was five years old. I was so impressed with my “art” that I colored a variety of pictures, priced them moderately, and headed to our neighbors’ houses to give them an opportunity to enjoy these collectors’ items. It was easy to sell the 5 cent and 10 cent pictures, but one neighbor became so alarmed at the high priced 25 cent offerings she called my mother to report me.

That was the end of my first sales endeavor, but the beginning of my lifelong entrepreneurial experience. Ultimately, I owned and operated (with family partners) four different businesses prior to the light bulb moment when $5Dining® and $10Dining® were birthed.

With a lot of inspiration and much enthusiasm, we created a team of family and friends who helped us launch this national website conceived in the dining room of our home. What an adventure! Our long history of small business ownership, fighting the “big guys” in the industry for our share of the economic pie, gave us a passion for the independent restaurant owners. They slug their way through the highs and lows of entrepreneurship with their hearts in their hands. We understand the realities of competition and the ever present need to watch the bottom line.

At a time when business can be rather impersonal, we get excited when telling consumers about our clients and their restaurants. For our restaurant owners, their work is not a job – it’s a passion. You may see owners at our restaurants serving tables or greeting customers. Often, the executive chef in the kitchen is the same person paying the bills on Monday afternoon. They work daily to prove that you don’t have to be biggest to be best.

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to a collection of business owners and general managers who work hard to bring you great food at a great price. When you visit with these folks, you’ll see the great American Dream in action. (See more at 5DollarDining.com.)

Happy Dining!

Cyndy Bartelli  


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