There’s Tortilla Soup and There’s Tortilla Soup

Okay, today it’s finally raining after ?? days of dry, dry, dry weather here in the San Antonio area. I’m cozily beginning to think about lunch and sure wish I had a bowl of GOOD tortilla soup.  Soup lovers will tell you that there are few absolutes when it comes to this yummy concoction, found at almost any restaurant around here. The only ingredients you can count on are chicken or chicken broth, a few crispy corn chip slivers and some cheese. But what those ingredients are all swirling in when that bowl is placed in front of you, can vary like TV channels when hubby is controlling the remote. Is the broth thick or thin? Is the base tomato or clear? Is it spicy or mild? Is there avocado or guacamole?

I have my favorites and I know a local tortilla soup connoisseur who has tossed her votes my way.  So, here’s our official/unofficial tortilla soup report, just for you.

Jim’s Tortilla Soup

La Fiesta Patio’s Tortilla Soup

Jim’s Restaurant – A totally unexpected source, unless you’ve heard about their various awards and recognitions for this bowl of palate pleasing liquid. The price is great, too. I enjoyed this bowl the other day for only $3.49!

 La Fiesta Patio Cafe – My personal favorite, though really different from Jim’s version. I was a little hesitant when I didn’t see any tomato base in this soup, but one bite shot flavor alerts through my mouth and my brain screamed, “More!”

Votes also came in for Cappycino’s Chicken Tortilla Soup and the Paloma Blanca Tortilla Soup.

Don’t hold back. Tell us your favorites, too! We’d like to know. In the meantime…


2 thoughts on “There’s Tortilla Soup and There’s Tortilla Soup

    • Oooooh, that sounds good! We’ll make that one next on our list. We love to drive out to Boerne anyway. We’re starting a photo album of Tortilla Soups on Facebook, too. So fun. So yummy.

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