Checkin’ Out the Cars in the Parking Lot

Whenever I stand in line for a tasty meal at The Smokehouse in San Antonio, I notice a consistent flow of firemen, policemen and industry workers all joining me at this hidden little smokehouse with the yummy food. There’s a good mix of everyday folks like me, too. I’ve always believed that kind of customer base says a lot about the quality I can expect at a restaurant. They may not have the big ad budget, but you can always check out the cars in the parking lot. Right?

The Smokehouse Brisket Plate

So, the other day, my husband and I took a side trip over to The Smokehouse. My tummy truthfully started rumbling the moment I started thinking about the tender brisket they smoke for 24 hrs! This plate was only $6.60 any day, but I also happen to know that they have a Brisket and Sausage Plate on Tuesdays for $5.95 and a Brisket and Pork Rib Plate on Thursdays for $6.50.

Really worth the trip… but I will say to make sure brisket is on your plate when your order comes through. Awesome!


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