Welcome to Patty’s Taco House #2

Patty and Rudy Reyes started their popular restaurant Patty’s Taco House #2 in 1997 with a great plan and a heritage of good food ideas.

Beef Fajita Taco
Mini Puffy Taco Plate

Though Patty was raised in the restaurant business, Rudy was a true West Texas cowboy who rounded up his herds and lassoed a calf or two. Both understood the value of hard work and determination. They’ve utilized those skills (along with some natural marketing talent) to build their business into one of the most popular taco destinations in south San Antonio.

Their seven children have helped build the business as a family team while working their way through college. There’s no stopping the Reyes’ enthusiasm and savvy about producing wonderful Mexican food.

This great little cafe is a treasure to find. They specialize in fast, fresh, made-to-order tacos, but we can testify to some awesome chili rellenos, gorditas and puffy taco plates!(BTY, they are open 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. M-Sat only.) Before you stop by, be thinking about your favorite taco combo to special order. There are plenty of ingredients to choose from: quacamole, fajitas, rice, beans, cheese, eggs, bacon, potatoes, picadillo… and much more!

The Reyes Family
Reyes Family

YouTubeCheck them out on YouTube!


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