Niman Ranch Natural Steaks at Earl Abel’s

Earl Abel's

Earl Abel’s Niman Ranch Rib Eye
Niman Ranch Rib Eye

When Earl Abel’s owner, Roger Arias, began his search for the best beef for his restaurant’s steaks, he had no idea he’d discover the “best steak he’d had in his life” while eating at a small restaurant in Fredericksburg.

Since his first bite into that memorable steak, he has carried the same Niman Ranch Natural Beef in his restaurant. Niman Ranch Beef is all Angus based, free range and 100% grass fed. Conscientious guests are always pleased to learn that this beef is completely hormone and antibiotic free as well.

“Our chefs take special care while preparing these choice and prime grade steaks. Guests at our restaurant soon discover that they are served the same (or better) excellent quality steaks they would eat at high end restaurants for a fraction of the cost,” said Mr. Arias.

The Earl Abel’s menu includes: Top Sirloin and Rib Eye Dinners, a Steak and Shrimp Dinner (w/hand breaded fried shrimp), and a very popular Steak and Eggs breakfast item.

Guests at this iconic San Antonio restaurant continue to be amazed at the ever expanding list of quality menu items, including the new Bison Burgers and Bison Sirloin Chicken Fried Steaks.


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