Twin Sisters Bakery Cafes

When I walked into Twin Sisters for the first time, I knew it was a place I’d like to come back to. Both the Downtown and Sunset Ridge locations have a cool but cozy feel to them and though the menus are very similar there are some big differences, too.

Anyone who’s been in the restaurant business for almost 30 years like they have, has figured out what brings clients in the door — a cool location and fresh good food to start. The service is friendly and the staff is sharp, too. I could hardly take my pictures around the bustling servers, rushing to take care of their customers.

And why not? Everything’s so fresh and unique I was ready to

Corn Cake Special (Downtown)

try a little of everything myself! For example, check out this Corn Cake Special (downtown location on Wednesdays only). I’m determined to get downtown on a Wednesday soon!

The Sunset Ridge location has terrific food, too, and the cheesy pizza got my attention; and, ooohh the cakes and muffins!

The Twins started their first Twin Sisters Bakery &  Cafe on Olmos Drive in 1981. The location was so tiny it only accommodated 2 parking spaces. Before long they had as many as 30 customers at a time and it became clear that it was time to move. Since they relocated to  Sunset Ridge in Alamo Heights their booming business has never slowed down.

Though the Twins (Patricia and Priscilla) eventually took separate business paths, two of the sisters in the family are still running the businesses.  Pat Stein and Carol Pearcy are dedicated to serving consistently good quality, healthy products. They especially take pride in being honest about what their food really is, too. That should be a simple task considering the clearly natural and fresh ingredients they use.

Carol seems to be the adventurous one. She loves trying new items, so be sure to ask about the off menu specials. Since May is National Strawberry Month they’ve served strawberry soup, strawberry chicken salad, and even freshly baked strawberry tarts. They even have a variety of beverages each day, including a wide selection of wines, to enhance your favorite entree. You won’t be disappointed when you visit either of the Twin Sisters Bakery Cafes. Lots of hard work and solid experience make both good choices for your dining dollars.


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