Valentine’s Day Frugal Find

Welcome to the first Official $5 Dining Frugal Find! Every month we’ll post a couple of “Frugal Finds.” These will be inexpensive or free activities that you can do with your family, on a date, with your friends, etc. without breaking your pocketbook. We’ll also include $5 Dining restaurants nearby so that you can make it a fun, inexpensive, but thoroughly fulfilling outing. We’ll also keep you updated on events in town (watch next week for a post about the rodeo).

To get us started, here’s your Valentine’s Day Frugal Find:

One of the things I love to do is to drive around and look at old houses. It’s even more enjoyable to walk through old neighborhoods. Well, San Antonio Conservation Society has created a self-guided walking tour of the King William District. This beautiful section of downtown is well worth the visit. The Conservation Society has a printable brochure on its website that gives information about the history and architecture of the buildings you’ll be viewing. The walk is completely free and entirely romantic.

Make it more of a date by starting with lunch at one of $5 Dining‘s newest restaurants, MadHatters Tea House and Cafe. MadHatters is a trendy cafe that has earned national recognition. They serve Sunday brunch from 9am to 3pm. Try one of their daily bagelwiches for just $3.99!

MadHatters Bagelwich

Looks good, huh?

Or get a lunch combo with drink for just $6.00. Choose between several sandwiches (served with chips and salsa) or get soup and salad. Check them out and have a charming but inexpensive Valentine’s Day. Shown here on the Conservation Society’s map, MadHatters is the perfect spot for lunch on this walking tour. (MadHatters marked with red heart.)

King William Walking Tour and MadHatters

King William Walking Tour and MadHatters

Oh, and if you’re worried about the weather, the current forecast for Valentine’s is a sunny afternoon with highs in the low-sixties.

Happy Dining, and watch for more Frugal Finds soon!

$5 Dining


3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Frugal Find

  1. Thanks for the tid bit of information. I love that area. In fact my mother’s home is in the historic King William district.
    I grew up in that area.
    I’ll have to remember about the self-guided walking tour next time we don’t have anything to do.

  2. I love that area and like to walk on the river near there. Now that I know there is a cute, inexpensive restaurant there, I might have to add to the reasons I love that area.

    Thanks for posting!

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