Crazy Vacation

After being out of state for about a month, I’m finally back and mostly caught up on everything I’ve been missing. I spent an awesome two weeks with my in-laws. I came back and had two days to do laundry and repack before heading to Vermont for my ten day workshops for grad school.

After those intense days, I was beat. Paul picked me up from the airport, and I promptly took a nap! I’d had to catch the 4am bus to get to the airport on time, and I was tired. After being apart for almost 2 weeks, Paul and I wanted some couple time, and I didn’t want to cook. We went out for some $5 burgers. We enjoyed the atmosphere, the food, and just spending time together. And after ten days of gourmet-style cafeteria food, a good, old-fashioned, non-fast-food burger was bliss.

After that, I promptly came down with a cold. I’m better now, though, and am excited about the new year with $5 Dining!

Happy Dining!

$5 Dining


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