After Christmas Let-Down

Big sigh. Christmas is over. In some ways, it’s a relief not to have so much stress. At the same time, there is that kind of let-down feeling after the holidays. Cheer up, though. Head to It’s a Grind or Cool Beans for a comforting cup of java, and then, try one of these ideas to conquer your let-down:

After Christmas are some great sales. If you’re not too tired, visit some of your favorite stores and grab some stuff on 50-75% off. Some stores have awesome sales on New Year’s Day. You can call the stores first to see what the sales are or if they know when one will be.

Here’s an idea for saving money for next Christmas. Instead of spending $7 on wrapping paper every year, go to a fabric store and buy some of their Christmas print fabric on sale (should be half off now). Cut out squares and rectangles of various sizes and hem the edges. Voila! Christmas wrapping for next year, and it’s reusable. Also, think of all that paper-waste you’ve saved. You can also make some fabric into simple drawstring bags to use as gift-bags. If you’re giving these gifts outside of the family, the wrapping is part of the present!

Now, after all that work, don’t you deserve a nice meal out for just $5? 😉

Happy After-Christmas Relaxing!

$5 Dining


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