Cool Beans!

I have been looking for a coffee shop close to my house where I can work on my homework. I need a quiet place to work outside of my home. I hoped to find something local and unique. Then, I found out that Cool Beans was joining $5 Dining and that they’re pretty close to my house.

If you like flavoring your coffee, you will love Cool Beans. They have so many flavors that I didn’t want to choose! Fortunately, you can mix a couple of flavors together. The first day, I tried iced coffee with coconut syrup, and it was soooo good. Even without syrup, Cool Beans coffee is flavorful and rich. I went the next day to finish typing my paper and indulged in a frappuccino. Oh my goodness was that ever tasty! I had a chocolate-mint frappuccino, and it was delicious.

So Many Yummy Drinks!

So Many Yummy Drinks!

I loved the Hawaiian theme atmosphere. The coffee shop is bright and cheerful, with upbeat music. They have a counter with bar stools, which I used to spread my homework on; tall tables; and comfy couches. Oh, and if you’re in a hurry, they do have a drive-through, but I’d encourage you to come inside for a unique coffee house experience. Happy Dining!

$5 Dining


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