Time for Yourself

When the economy started to slump, a lot of people—especially those fresh out of college—moved in with their parents (or vice versa) to save on costs. I’ve heard mainly good things so far, how the families are getting along really well and working together.

However, no matter how much you love your family, you still need time to yourself. That can be hard to get when you’re sharing space. If you’re the kid or couple who moved in with your parents, you need time to get away and have couple time, friend time, or “me” time. If you’re the parents, you need the same thing—time to yourselves or time with your friends.

$5 Dining is a great way to get that time without spending a fortune. My husband and I typically need at least one night a week to ourselves, to chat, laugh, and spend time together. We’ve been trying out different $5 Dining restaurants, enjoying both the food and the prices. $5 Dining can also be a way for all of you to get out of the house and have family time together.

Whatever your situation, take advantage of delicious meals for delightful prices. Happy Dining!

$5 Dining


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