The Quest Begins

$5 Dining’s quest for the best meals under $5 has begun. The introductory video and first three installments are viewable on $5 Dining’s YouTube channel. If you haven’t started watching, yet, you’ll want to start now. These videos sample amazing meals for $5 and tell a little bit of the history of the restaurant.

Filming the videos is a lot of fun. $5 Dining gets to talk with owners, see kitchens, and sample the delicious meals offered for $5 or under. We also get to find out fun facts and stories.

Filming at Taco Haven

Filming at Taco Haven

For example, when $5 Dining arrived at Taco Haven to film week 2, we found it was the exact day of their 40th anniversary. Ben got to interview Olga Torres, the daughter-in-law of Taco Haven’s original founder.

Watch the videos and tell us what you think. What meal do you think is the best meal under $5 in San Antonio?

Happy Dining!
$5 Dining


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