Judd Walker, County Line

Stories aren’t behind just tips but behind managers as well.

Judd Walker is a manager at The County Line’s I-10 location. He has been with The County Line for around 35 years. He says he can’t count the years anymore and just goes by decades. For nineteen of those years, Judd and his wife have been foster parents. They foster infants from birth to six months or occasionally a year, and they usually have two at a time. I can’t imagine having two infants constantly for nineteen years. When I mentioned this, Judd just replied, “It’s not too hard if you like it.”

Judd and his wife got into fostering when they wanted another child. Some neighbors down the street were fostering, and they decided to try it. I asked Judd if they ever took a break from fostering. He responded that they did once for a few months. They had decided to stop fostering, but after a little while, they realized how much they missed it.

There’s always something to do, Judd said, the same as anybody else. They just channel it differently, into their kids. Judd smiled and said he still gets to golf once every week or two.

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2 thoughts on “Judd Walker, County Line

  1. Anne,

    So glad you’re writing blogs like this. We have even more reasons to go to these restaurants and help support people like Judd and his wife serve our community. Thanks so much for all of your efforts!

  2. Thanks for writing this one. Sometimes we can be so “self”-centered when dining out and in the normal day-to-day that it is good to hear the other side. Judd could be any one of the wait staff at any restaurant that I have been to. It really brings home that my waiter or waitress does have a life outside of waiting on me and they could be amazingly generous like Judd.

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