Food Culture

I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks. I just got back from my graduate school conference in Vermont. Northern Vermont (where I’ve been) has a different food culture from other places I’ve visited. Most of the restaurants I went to offered local or organic food choices—including rabbit. They sported distinct menu items, such as Portobello enchiladas. I ate at an Italian restaurant on a river and enjoyed Capellini dell’Angelo—angel hair pasta with fresh tomatoes and a light tomato sauce. Mmmm.

Food in Vermont seemed expensive, which made eating on a budget difficult. However, I found a few $10 and under meals: a delicious chicken BLT wrap with fries for $7.75, and my Capellini dell’Angelo was $9.99.

What food cultures have you come across in your travels?

Happy Dining!


One thought on “Food Culture

  1. I haven’t done much traveling yet, but I always find it interesting that enchiladas here are different than enchiladas almost anywhere else. Same with Sushi. Everyone seems to do each dish differently. For the most part… I like them all though!

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