Snoga’s – A Blast from the Past


Snoga’s is a family owned and operated business founded by Alvin and Bernice Snoga in the late 1970’s, and currently all nine of the Snoga children are still involved in the business. Though the building and décor are quiet and unassuming, you’ll feel a sense of nostalgia reminding you of barbeque stops you and your family may have made in the past as you walk in the front door. All the delicious meats are cooked on site under the experienced supervision of Gary. They are smoked with Mesquite wood to give it that “Texas Smokey” flavor . The wide selection of sides (made fresh every day) include old favorites like potato salad, macaroni salad, pinto beans, corn, mashed potatoes, numerous vegetable salads, and a few unique sides on specific days. Come to Snoga’s and enjoy the home-made chocolate fudge and vanilla cakes also made fresh daily. Take a peek at the menu for all your meat and side serving selections and more fantastic pricing!


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