Check out The Smokehouse & eat some great BBQ for $5!


The Smokehouse serves B.B.Q. off a 40ft indoor pit. We cook with only 100% mesquite wood and it is prepared with a dry rub and slowly cooked on the pit. The unique quality of The Smokehouse is you get to witness your B.B.Q. come straight off the pit and sliced right in front of you. Our menu consists of brisket, chicken, sausage, pork ribs, beef finger ribs, beef short ribs, lamb ribs, sliced pork, turkey breast, and turkey legs. This has helped The Smokehouse win numerous awards and be known as the place “Where real B.B.Q. is smoked.”

Not only do we cook our meat, but did you now that we can cook your meat? Yes, it’s true. Bring us your meat for your birthday party, graduation, or wedding and we will do the cooking for you!

Check ’em out on the site!


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