Wow, That’s Good!

In this business, I’m learning to be very strategic. The timing of my appointments with restaurant owners, is really crucial during the quiet parts of their workdays while discovering new $5 and $10 dining spots. Sometimes, I can even manage to swing by Culver’s on De Zavala between appointments to reward myself for a hard day’s work with a Turtle Sundae.

Okay guys, get this. A Turtle Sundae has the Culver’s vanilla custard with caramel and hot fudge dripping over it, and some kind of crispy roasted half pecans that melt in your mouth. It’s practically a meal on its own!

One of the best parts of this new job is learning about all of the restaurants San Antonio has to offer. It’s great fun getting to meet so many entrepreneurs and to see the different operations and selections of cuisine. In the midst of all of this research, finding an awesome treat like that is really fun.

Happy Dining! (and dessert’ing!)

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