An Evening at Indian Taj Palace

We went to the Indian Taj Palace the other night, to shoot pictures for the website. After smelling all of the great food and watching the baskets of warm Garlic Nan walk by in the waitress’s hands, we just had to dive in and enjoy the buffet!

The food was great! I especially liked the fact that I could take just a little of everything and give it all a try. The varying degrees of spicy-ness allowed for each of us to find our individual favorites. I have to say, though, that the Garlic Nan makes the meal. It’s so fresh and warm when they bring it to your table, and is the perfect complement for the flavorful dishes.

These meals fall into the $10 dining category on our website, and are well worth it!!! With a lunch buffet of only $7.50 and dinner for $9.95, you can really enjoy good value. If you plan to go there be sure to check out their web page at because there are special coupons you’ll print to receive those amazing prices.

Eating at San Antonio restaurants is fun and guilt-free when you find $5 and $10 value meals – especially at quality restaurants like this one! And, for entertainment, they have big screen TVs in the corners of the huge dining room. We had the privilege of viewing the Indian version of“Dancing with the Stars” that evening. Now that was entertaining!!!

Happy Dining!


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