Added Jim’s Restaurants to $5Dining!

Hey guys,

Wanted to let you know that we have added Jim’s Restaurants to $5Dining this last week. If you live here chances are you have seen (probably even been) one of the restaurants. We love them.

Here’s a little bit of the Jim’s story…

In 1947, G. “Jim” Hasslocher opened a bicycle rental business at the front gate of Brackenridge Park. When summer arrived he started selling sliced, ice-cold watermelon next to his bike stand. This began the legend of Frontier Enterprise!

Soon Jim started selling charcoal broiled hamburgers at a stand which evolved into the first Frontier Drive-In. Today, Jim’s serves up a wide variety of delicious, traditional comfort foods for all meal occasions, with over two dozen selections under $5.00 and many more under $10.00! Now, as it was back in 1947, Jim’s aim is to provide his customers with the highest quality food at the lowest possible price. It was, and still is, an original idea with a loyal following. 

Mr. Jim and the Frontier Enterprise family would like to thank our loyal customers for over 62 years of good times and great food.

If you’ve been there you know the slogan and if you haven’t been there when you go you will see for yourself that “There’s Always Something Good Cookin’ at Jim’s!”

Happy Dining!


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