Hints for Dining Out for $5 & $10 Meals

Helpful Hints for $5Dining!

Before we actually created the $5Dining.com website, my husband and I were “playing our game” looking for $5 Meals, and every once in a while $10 Meals, each time we dined out. At least on this budget, we’d get to dine out again!

After stumbling a few times, we created the following list of rules for ourselves. If we followed them, we could enjoy the freedom from kitchen duty that we were looking for. Since we had previously made dining out a social experience, this ability to eat out again offered an emotional perk as well.

Here are our rules. Let’s see if you can follow them.

  •  Agree before you even walk into the restaurant, that you will select only the $5 meal (or an item of equal value).
  • Don’t look around at other customers’ plates as you walk to be seated. There’s extreme danger of  “plate envy” if you do so, and your previous agreement may shatter.
  • If you do succumb to “plate envy”, consider ordering a $10 meal and divide it by two!
  • Only order water to drink.
  • Always tip the waiters generously. Waiters who provide excellent service to $5Diners deserve a good reward!
  • Use cash instead of a credit card.

Do you have any other suggestions for $5 Meals or $10 Meals? We’d like to hear from you and we’ll share the best ideas with the rest of our readers!

Happy Dining!!!


One thought on “Hints for Dining Out for $5 & $10 Meals

  1. Your dining out tips are very logical and a good reminder of what to do and not to do while dining out on a budget. With a family of 5 it’s good to see restaurants where we can go and enjoy a nice meal, with good service and do it all on a tight budget. Great idea – Thanks.

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