Where’s Our Armadillo? (Or, How in the World has the Economy Affected our Armadillo?)

It’s another sign of the times. For several years, an Armadillo family has cohabited with us on our little property in San Antonio. They have lived under our wooden deck in the back yard with shrubbery lining the length of their domain. I’ve watched them from our bedroom window in the early mornings while they’ve probably watched me.

The last time we saw the entire Armadillo family was when they all marched around to the side of the house to peruse our garage sale. Mama, Daddy and little “Armie” kids all came to check out the disruption in their peaceful place. That was probably their first sign of change – ours, too. We were selling some of our excess to help pay some extra bills that month.

I realized this morning, that the reason I haven’t seen any of them in a while is that we’ve had to cut back on our water usage. What’s the connection? About the time we had the inspiration for $5Dining, the same financial challenges demanded that we quit watering all of our shrubbery and yard so often. Water costs serious money these days, in case you haven’t noticed.

Anyway, I used to think all of the watering I did around the deck, bothered my little crustaceous friends, but keeping the plant life and grounds lush and green, to attract those tasty insects, was just what those little guys wanted. Thanks to both the natural and man-made drought we’re experiencing here, I haven’t seen my friends who lived under the deck in quite some time.

I assume they are searching for the right food sources just like we are! We have disciplined ourselves to use cash only and avoid the grocery store unless we have a specific list to adhere to. Eating out has become fun for us again thanks to $5Dining.com. Now we know that if we want to spend $5 for each of us, and enjoy a leisurely meal out, it’s possible! When we’ve had a “good week”, we’ll go for the $10 meals on the website, too. They are awesome!

We’ve discovered that it’s just our mindset that had to change. We can still enjoy eating out if we know the restaurants to go to, and we focus on the budget we have that night. Best of all, someone else bought the groceries, prepared the food and is going to wash the dishes. We get to kick back, chat and avoid responsibility for a little while.

I guess our Armadillo family had the same goal. They simply needed to have a place to go to find easily obtainable good food through an uncomplicated process. Hopefully, they’ve discovered some yummy scorpions and earthworms somewhere nearby.

Happy Dining!


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